Ukraine Police Officer Spit on by Supect Dies

 In Spit Masks

A police officer in Kiev, Ukraine has died after she contracted a deadly disease after a suspect spit in her face during an arrest earlier this year.

Officer Arina Koltsova was arresting a suspect on New Year’s Day when the man — who had tuberculosis — spit on her, according to The Daily Mail.

Officials said that the 35-year-old officer was unaware that she had been infected and remained untreated until she collapsed at work. She diagnosed with the infectious lung disease and was forced into treatment.

Koltsova underwent chemotherapy and was being fed food through an IV drip before her death. Her on-duty partner, Officer Mikhail Kindrakevich, said in a statement that the chemotherapy caused her to become severely undernourished.

Koltsova died on July 25 and was buried in Kiev two days later.

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