Exclusive Research by the Australian Defence Force Academy on Spit Masks

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In the world of law enforcement and public safety, equipment must meet the highest standards of effectiveness and reliability.

POLIVEIL, the world leader in the development of spit masks, has taken this challenge head-on.

Their commitment to excellence is exemplified through rigorous research conducted in partnership with a prestigious institution: the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).

POLIVEIL’s Research Commitment

POLIVEIL stands apart in the industry for its unwavering commitment to evidence-based product development.

This is not merely a claim but a practice, as demonstrated by their exclusive partnership with the ADFA. Their spit masks are the only ones on the global market to have undergone extensive research and testing by such a renowned defense institution.  Trust POLIVEIL, beware of counterfeits.

Findings and Implications

The ADFA’s research into POLIVEIL spit masks has yielded impressive findings. Their tests have shown that POLIVEIL’s unique “POLIVEIL Air-Tech” (PVAT) system provides superior airflow and protection, making it the most breathable spit mask available—without compromising on safety.

This research underlines the effectiveness of spit masks in protecting law enforcement personnel and the community from the transmission of diseases, including HIV, Covid-19, and Hepatitis C, while also offering a method for DNA collection.

These findings have profound implications for the industry, setting new standards for what law enforcement agencies should expect from their protective equipment.

Global Recognition – Award Winning

This groundbreaking research has not gone unnoticed.

POLIVEIL has received global recognition for its PPE and spit masks, which are now seen as the global benchmark for safety and efficiency in the industry.

Winning the Best emergency services PPE manufacturer 2020 and PPE Innovators of the Year 2021.

With over 20 years of protecting officers, prison wardens, and medical staff worldwide, POLIVEIL’s reputation for quality is unparalleled.

The ADFA’s research and International Awards further cement POLIVEIL’s status as the original creator and world leader in PPE spit mask technology.

For further details on the ADFA’s research and to explore POLIVEIL’s range of spit masks and PPE, please visit the following links:

With POLIVEIL, first responders can perform their duties with confidence, knowing they have the best protection available, backed by research and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For orders and customer support, connect with POLIVEIL through the official POLIVEIL website,  ensuring access to local support and responsive customer service.

POLIVEIL’s dedication to safety, quality, and innovation continues to set the gold standard in protective gear for frontline professionals.Top of Form

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