For more than 20 years the President and CEO of has been a significant supporter of law-enforcement and first responders.

He resides in Sydney Australia.

His experiences as a victim of multiple crimes in South Africa helped steer him in the direction of violence prevention and law enforcement advocacy.

He has been closely involved with the development of Crime Stoppers ( in Australia and around the world.

He has been a Director of Crime Stoppers, in Australia, since 1999 and has served as Chairman /Deputy Chairman for 11 years.

He has also served as Vice President of Crime Stoppers International 2012- 2016 and played a significant role in the relationship with INTERPOL.

In addition to the above, he was a Director of the Internet Industry Association from 2011 to 2014.

He is also currently the Deputy Chair of the Australian Government’s Classification Review Board. A statuary appointment by Cabinet.

In 2009, he was awarded the OAM, Order of Australia Medal and then in 2017 an AM, Member of the Order, for his service to community safety through executive roles with Crime Stoppers and for Law Enforcement advocacy.

It’s this close association with the frontline and having an insight into their daily challenges that inspired us to develop the original spit hood.

Poliveil has been protecting Police officers around the world for nearly 2 decades.