POLIVEIL is the original creator of the “Spit Hood“. Protects officers, wardens and medical staff.

POLIVEIL has been used, without incident, by medical staff, Government, Defense and Police.

We have been selling to more than 20 countries around the world for over 15 years.

Spit Mask Products

prison spit mask

Blue Version

90% NO visibility
10% see through

spit hood
spit mask

Orange Version

95% NO visibility
5% see through

spit guard
spit mask in jail

White Version

98% visibility in
98% visibility out

spit shield

WHAT: Aeris Active™ – is a SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED hospital grade disinfectant that creates an INVISIBLE (to the naked eye) MICROBE SHIELD on the Poliveil fabric surface where it’s applied, during production.

BEST OF 3: triple-effect, it kills germs, is a broad spectrum bactericidal and viricidal.

BENEFIT: Aeris Active™ sanitises and continuously protects against 99.99% pathogens including COVID-19 and most VIRUSES, GERMS & BACTERIA.

HOW? Creates layer of microscopic “barrier across the surface to ‘prevent’ pathogens being able to remain viable or colonise the surface.


This provides a uniform procedure to protecting the identity of an arrested person AND protecting law enforcement from disease.

A proportionate response by Authorities to protect their people from harm.

  • Demonstrates a “duty of care” by authorities.
  • Provides anonymity from media and public (except the white variety)
  •  Police may want to conceal a persons identity for safety reasons.
  • Prison services may also want to protect inmate identity. e.g., high risk offenders, pedophiles, internal transfers for high profile inmates.
  • Protect the identity of “under aged” offenders.
  • POLIVEIL may assist in the prevention of potential HIV transfer.
  • Collects DNA, from hair and saliva, once it has been applied.


  • Only use this product for its official intended use.
  • Make sure your are authorised to use this product in a professional capacity.
  • Use POLIVEIL once only.
  • Do not leave the person wearing the hood, unattended, at any time.

The white part of mask is 100% PP (Polypropylene)
The mesh/face part of mask is 100% Polyester


Spitmask.com has recently undertaken product research conducted by the University of New South Wales (Australia) to assess the visibility, Identity protection and prevention of SPIT transmission.

The POLIVEIL is a significant advantage over a “head bag/sand bags or a piece of clothing or blanket” and the Orange and Blue mask provide excellent identity protection.

police spit hood


  • Apply to those under arrest or already in custody and need their identity protected, or to stop them spitting.
  • At court or giving a testimony, witness protection.
  • Nuisance hospital patients.